Jul 12

1.Q:The Smart Wizard keeps asking me for my passphrase, and I am sure I have entered the correct passphrase. What can I do?

A:It is very likely that the Extender is placed at the borderline of the range covered by the router. Follow the instructions in the previous section to resolve this. If you are using WEP security, make sure that you are typing the wireless key in the correct field.

2.Q:I connected to NETGEAR_EXT and launched a browser. Why can’t I see the Smart Wizard?

A:First, make sure your computer is set up to use DHCP (most are). Second, make sure the PC to Extender status LED is green and you have a valid IP address. Finally, re-launch the browser and enter www.mywifiext.net.

3.Q:Will the Extender work if I connect it to the router with an Ethernet cable?

A:No. The Extender is designed to connect wirelessly to the router.

4.Q:What are the user name and password to log in to the Netgear Extender?

A:The user name is admin and the default password is password. Both are case-sensitive.

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Jul 12


When the Netgear Extender has been integrated into your wireless network, it extends the wireless network to include the area outside the range of your existing router.

Place the Netgear Extender and Apply Power

1.Place the Extender an equal distance between your router and the wireless device located outside the range of your router.


If you have to use a different location, move the Extender closer to the device, but still within the wireless range of the router.Position the Extender’s antennas up as shown in the previous section, Hardware Features.

2.Plug in the Extender, and wait 1 minute. The Status LED turns green.

Set Up Two Wireless Connections

The first wireless connection is between the Wifi Range Extender and your router. The second wireless connection is between your computer or wireless device and the Extender. How you set up these connections depends on whether or not your wireless equipment supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

Using WPS to Connect the Extender to Your Router

1.First, press your router’s WPS button.

2.Within 2 minutes, press and hold the Extender’s WPS button until its WPS LED on the front starts flashing.When the Extender connects to your router, the Link Rate LED lights up. The Extender’s wireless network name (SSID) changes to your router’s SSID with _EXT at the end. The Extender uses the same wireless security settings as your router.

3.After the Extender is connected to your router, use your computer or wireless device to join the Extender’s wireless network.

Manual Connection without WPS

1. Use a computer to join the NETGEAR_EXT wireless network. The PC to Extender LED turns green.

2. Open a browser window from the same computer, and it automatically takes you to the Smart Wizard. Follow the Smart Wizard steps to connect the Wifi Range Extender Extender to your home router’s network.

3. Then follow the wizard steps to join the Netgear Extender network at its new name (the Smart Wizard name with _EXT at the end).

4. If you want to make changes after using the Smart Wizard, use your browser to go to www.mywifiext.net

5. If prompted, log in as admin with password as the password.

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