Jul 12

1.Q:The Smart Wizard keeps asking me for my passphrase, and I am sure I have entered the correct passphrase. What can I do?

A:It is very likely that the Extender is placed at the borderline of the range covered by the router. Follow the instructions in the previous section to resolve this. If you are using WEP security, make sure that you are typing the wireless key in the correct field.

2.Q:I connected to NETGEAR_EXT and launched a browser. Why can’t I see the Smart Wizard?

A:First, make sure your computer is set up to use DHCP (most are). Second, make sure the PC to Extender status LED is green and you have a valid IP address. Finally, re-launch the browser and enter www.mywifiext.net.

3.Q:Will the Extender work if I connect it to the router with an Ethernet cable?

A:No. The Extender is designed to connect wirelessly to the router.

4.Q:What are the user name and password to log in to the Netgear Extender?

A:The user name is admin and the default password is password. Both are case-sensitive.

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  • At 2011.11.17 20:13, Rafael Vidal said:

    Hi all,

    I have a linksys wrt54g router with Mac filtering and wpa2/tkip. Everything works fine with the WN3000RP if I disable the filtering which I would like to keep. Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot,


    • At 2011.12.23 10:33, David Gee said:

      I have just bought a Netgear WN3000RP WiFi Range Extender to add to my Netgear RangeMax DG834N Modem/rouer – I followed the instructions (I do not need security so it was not set between the two) – when the WN3000RP becomes established, within minutes, the connection with the RangeMax is lost – all the front panel lights on the RangeMax indicates that all is well, but I cannot communicate with it via a browser connection (I have a hard wired FastE connection between the host computer and the RangeMax) – when this happens, I have to reboot the RangeMax, then start again – this has occurred every time – does anyone have a solution to this frustrating issue? There seems to be no information anywhere on the Internet for this problem,

      • At 2012.01.01 13:49, Redd Man said:

        I have the WN3000RP as well. After you probably configured every wifi-client to connect to it. Grab a copy of the WEP or WPA key and save. Last and most important, disable SSID broadcast on the WN3000RP. If your Wifi clients unable to remember the SID, manually enter the information…copy the security key if encryption is required. No more downtime. You won’t find my answer on the Internet. I love this product; strong signal.

        • At 2012.04.02 04:23, Rudolph said:

          Trying to connect the WN3000RP Wifi Range Extender, using the manual method, it detects the network and I follow the instructions as it is. However, when it is reviewing the settings, it says it cannot see the network and there is no Link Rate. No MAC. filtering is being used.

          Modem/Router being used is a ZTE ZXV10 W300D

          • At 2012.04.14 19:03, Scott said:

            I recently hooked up a netgear n600 router and also a netgear wn300rp range extender. On the _EXT network(extender) when it works it works great. My issue is that alsmost every day I try to connect to the internet and I have no _EXT network. It has been lost. I have to turn the power off to the range extender and then turn it back on and I will have a connection for the range extender again. Why am I losing signal to my range extender? Could it be something to do with the signal BEING sent from the router? Thanks for any input.

            • At 2013.01.31 18:02, Bill said:

              WN300RP extender: all lights are green, wireless network show connected, but no internet access. System was working fine until two days ago. Ran set up several times without success. Any suggestions.

              • At 2013.02.02 12:16, Sammy said:

                Just bought a WN300RP to booster my Livebox wifi range. Livebox has WEP so I had to choose option 2 to set up the Extender.

                I can’t find Netgear_EXT in my Wireless Network Connections. Any suggestions please

                • At 2013.02.09 08:47, Trevor said:

                  Just bought a WN300RP extender. I have completed the set up, and the extender is connected to my wireless router. However when I go to connect a device to the extender using the WPA-PSK code for the wireless router, I get the message that either there is an access mismatch (when using a laptop) or that I am unable to join ( iPad or phone).

                  • At 2013.05.28 00:29, mahesh said:

                    Netgear wn300Rp is the worst wifi expander ever . I bought it and connected with in few minutes , all bulbs Green , Ok , But no internet access , always LIMITED CONNECTION. I tried to contact customer service , but they do not have idea about its technical side .

                    DO not buy , this bulshit .

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