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1. Place the Netgear switch on a flat surface or hook onto the screws.

2. For each device, insert one end of an Ethernet cable into the port in the device and insert the other end into one of the Ethernet ports on the switch.

3.Note: If you have more than 8 devices to connect to this switch, you must connect them to a hub or other switch and then connect that hub or switch to this switch.

GS108P and Firewall


3. Connect the power adapter’s cord into the back of the Netgear switch and then plug the adapter into a power source (such as a wall socket or power strip).The Power light should light up. Each RJ-45 jack has 2 LEDs. For each jack that is connected to a powered device, the Link LED is lit, and it flashes when activity occurs. If the connection is 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps, one LED lights up. If the connection is 1000 Mbps, both LEDs light up. If any light doesn’t operate as indicated, go to the Troubleshooting section.

4. Connect Power Devices (PDs) to Port 1 – Port 4 of Netgear GS108P. These PoE ports will automatically activate when a compatible device is connected. The GS108P will not provide power to PD devices that are not compatible with the PoE Standard IEEE 802.3af. This feature allows users to freely and safely mix legacy and standards-based PoE devices on their network without concern for damaging equipment. (Refer to “PoE Examples”.)

5. First Insertion First Service. First Insertion PD Port will get higher priority. Last Insertion PD Port will get lowest priority. When an Over Power Budget situation happens, Last Insertion PD Port will be disconnected. If a port is stopped to supply power, this port will lose its original port priority and change to lowest priority when it gets power again.

6. Verify the following:

• The Power LED is lit.
• The corresponding port number for each connected and powered device should light when linked (connected), and flash when activity occurs.

If any light doesn’t operate as indicated, see the Troubleshooting section.

DC Power Jack: Power is supplied through an external DC power adapter. Check the technical specification section for information about the DC power input voltage.

Be sure to connect the 48V/1.25A power adapter DC plug to the DC jack of the GS108P before plugging the power cord to AC power outlet.

Grounding Connection: A grounding strap location is provided to enable you to ground the case to Earth.

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